Bioion Deo sanitizer germ free sanitizer water based 500ml


Japan ionization technology and biotechnology formula

100% natural plant extract, harmless after oral administration

Alcohol-free, non-irritating

Anti-allergic, containing collagen to repair the skin

Disinfect and prevent bacterial infection and cross infection

Remove home odor, kill 99.99% of bacteria, and take effect in 30 seconds

Certified by the Osaka Prefecture Industrial Technology Research Institute

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BIOION all-natural bio-ionized water is 100% extracted from plants. The Japanese technical team has used ionization technology and biotechnology formula for many years of research. It was clinically verified at Kobe City Oji Zoo and was finally certified by the Osaka Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology. For general and even sensitive skin, even for mouthwash, it can be used safely, non-toxic and harmless.

BIOION kills bacteria and viruses by 99.99% more effectively than alcohol. Generally, alcohol is difficult or relatively slow to kill fungi, and many alcohol disinfectants cannot achieve the same effect as using BIOION.

In addition, BIOION is effective for sensitive skin, fungal infections, eczema, acne, ringworm and other problems. It has also been proven that bioion can almost control itching. A citric acid component in the product can be used as collagen to help skin recover. And reduce the chance of leaving scars.


It can be sprayed directly on skin affected areas, wounds, air, furniture surfaces, cleansing the body, etc., deodorizing, sterilizing and long-lasting antibacterial


-Home furnishing quickly deodorizes and kills fungi, bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds

-Remarkably effective against skin fungal infections, eczema, acne, ringworm, oral ulcers and other problems

-For the skin affected area, it has the effect of controlling itching, helping to recover and reducing the chance of scarring

Bioion Deo sanitizer germ free sanitizer water based 500ml

No fragrance (original), ocean

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